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giovedì 16 dicembre 2010

mIRC 7.15 - L'ultima opera di Khaled Mardam-Bey

L' 08/11/2010 Khaled Mardam-Bey ha rilasciato mIRC v7.15 l'ultima versione del notissimo client IRC,
personalmente lo uso da 15 giorni e lo trovo estremamente rapido e stabile, di seguito i cambiamenti e le migliorie effettuate in quest'ultimo step evolutivo di mIRC:

1.Fixed window focus bug when mIRC is restored from a minimized state.
2.Changed /ban to allow more channel user modes to use it.
3.Changed $mklogfn() to only return a partial path when the "Make
  folders" option is enabled in the Logging dialog.
4.Fixed $sfile() and other file dialogs not returning file extensions
  if "Hide file extensions" is enabled in Explorer in Windows 7.
5.Changed /sockwrite to send data immediately instead of queuing it
  which should speed up transfers.
6.Added scrollbar buttons back to switchbar when many windows are open.
7.Changed the way mIRC exits when Windows is shutdown which should
  prevent lost mirc.ini settings for some users.
8.Changed CAP command to not display error message during logon for
  servers that do not support it.
9.Fixed idle color not being reset immediately when using /msg command.
10.Fixed hadd/hinc/hdec -cuNz bugs, should now work like set/inc/dec.
Se volete provarlo anche voi (ve lo consiglio) Cliccate Qui -> Download mIRC 7.15

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